Barbie Dolls and Action Figures as Art

Freya Jobbins: Sculptor. Inspired as she is by other artists such as Guiseppe Archimboldo’s fruit & vegie paintings, Ron Mueck’s big big humans, Gunther Von Hagen’s plastinated corpses and the Toy Story Trilogy, their influence and her need to ‘build’ can be seen in Freya’s current sculptural work.

Working with plastic (pre-loved that is) to re-construct the humanoid form in her assemblages is Freya’s obsession. Having an A type personality, loving miniature detail and symmetry and a new love of Greek mythology, results in some very provocative, humorous and disturbing works.

One thought on “Barbie Dolls and Action Figures as Art

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    Here is a wonderful interpretation of ‘Dismantled’ and ‘Rearranged’ for our current students!!

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