Mechanical Sculptures by Ziwon Wang


Wang’s cybernetic sculptures explores the relationship between man and technology. The  faces are in fact a self portrait of Wang himself. Wang’s combining of human features with that of the machinery come from the stages of cybernetics. He is particularly interested in the stage of cyborg, of robots being able to take on roles of the human body such as artificial arms and legs to aid humans. Wang is challenging that human morality is lost when artificial intelligence advances .


Wang says, ” A body is the most important part that makes human beings human. Even now, we are transforming our body through scientific technology. If we continue changing our body, we will turn into something else other than human. If humans turn themselves into cyborgs, their finite bodies will vanish and only their thoughts will be left. Whether it is good or bad, I believe thinking independently from others will be the most valuable.”


2 thoughts on “Mechanical Sculptures by Ziwon Wang

  1. Elephant says:

    Very haunting!

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