Abandoned Duke Of Lancaster


A rusting, abandoned ship has become a canvas for world’s top graffiti artists. Once an elegant passenger ferry and cruise ship commanding the seas around the British Isles and North-West Europe, now the former steamer TSS Duke of Lancaster has spent the last 30 years rusting away by the North Wales coast.


Much smaller than grand liners like RMS Queen Mary and configured for more local routes, the ship featured beautifully decorated first and second class interiors. Retired in 1979 and ending her days docked near Mostyn, Wales, original plans to convert the ship to a 300-room hotel failed.


The hull of the rusting ship has been used as a blank canvas by a host of international graffiti artists, who call themselves the DuDug collective.


Turning the ship into a floating art installation was the brainchild of former street artist Maurice Blunt, who spotted the Duke Of Lancaster from a train. Seeing its potential he tracked down the owners and proposed the idea for transforming the forgotten vessel.


One thought on “Abandoned Duke Of Lancaster

  1. Elephant says:

    Big old empty ships are spooky – very spooky! Like the graffiti, but I wouldn’t go on board alone.

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