Miniature Violins by David Edwards

Scottish miniaturist David Edwards makes incredibly intricate 1/12 scale violins that are just 1.5 inches long. The miniatures are modeled after Stradivarius violins and each one takes a few months to make. Edwards quit a career as a classical musician in 1983 in order to become a full time miniaturist. In addition to the violins he makes all manner of miniature handmade household goods. Edwards is now 76 years old and has “reduced” his daily work schedule to 7 to 8 hours.


by Nathalie Hallman

‘Gaga Tea’, a conceptual tea box consisting of ten different flavours, each inspired by Gaga’s most memorable characters throughout her career so far. Along with the tea came the following motivation:

“Aside from being the Queen of pop culture, an eccentric and a constantly evolving chameleon, Lady Gaga is also a notorious tea-drinker. Google ’Lady Gaga+tea’ and you will end up with over 44 million search hits merely of Gaga drinking tea. There is even a Facebook-fan page dedicated to her most famous and frequently photographed tea cup.