Street Art of DMS


Brazilian artist Davi De Melo Santos is putting his own original spin on street art. Considerably lighter and happier than most other work of this type, he is definitely bringing something unique to the field.

La Valle di Isidor


Also going by the name DMS, the artist originaklly from South America is married and lives in Catanzaro, Italy.

Catanzaro/Italy 2010


It is really hard to find out any information about this great artist.

Baroque Painting-Inspired Photography

Welcome to the dark world of Helen Sobiralski. Just last year, the Berlin, Germany-based photographer won several awards for her original series about opulence and abundance titled Cockaignesque. Inspired by Baroque still-life paintings, she constructed highly dramatic scenes like the one above, which shows a perfectly coiffed woman with candle wax dripping down her bare shoulders. Baroque art is characterized by richness, drama, deep color, and an intense play of light and dark shadows. As you can tell, light played a particularly important role in Sobiralski’s series as she aspired to bridge the gap between painting and photography.
The name Cockaignesque is linked to the word cockaigne which means a mythical land of plenty. It’s an imaginary place where physical comforts and pleasures are always at hand and where the harshness of medieval peasant life does not exist.
Cockaignesque - Helen Sobiralski

Barbie Dolls and Action Figures as Art

Freya Jobbins: Sculptor. Inspired as she is by other artists such as Guiseppe Archimboldo’s fruit & vegie paintings, Ron Mueck’s big big humans, Gunther Von Hagen’s plastinated corpses and the Toy Story Trilogy, their influence and her need to ‘build’ can be seen in Freya’s current sculptural work.

Working with plastic (pre-loved that is) to re-construct the humanoid form in her assemblages is Freya’s obsession. Having an A type personality, loving miniature detail and symmetry and a new love of Greek mythology, results in some very provocative, humorous and disturbing works.